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NOTE We will no longer be selling or supporting Mapland after 12/24/2018. We want to thank all our wonderful customers throughout the years!!!

Mapland is spreadsheet mapping software that works inside Microsoft Excel®. Quickly and easily chart your data on a map. If you know how to use Excel, using Mapland will be second nature to you. Save your maps in your own Excel file which can be viewed by anyone who has Excel. Creating presentation quality maps has never been easier!

Maps of the United States, Europe, Asia, the World and many others are included with Mapland Basic. With Mapland, you can display your data in many ways. Create Pin Maps (push pin), Column Maps, Pie Maps, or Shaded Maps. You can also combine map types to display different columns of your data. Since all our maps are objects it's easy to add boundaries, combine boundaries,or delete unwanted boundaries from your maps using Mapland and Excel's editing capabilities.

Great for sales data, sales numbers and distribution, marketing purposes, scientific and business data that tie in with locations and many other uses. You can represent your numbers by zip code, county, state, region, country and other delineations. Many choices are available for how the data are presented. And, Mapland is compatible with Microsoft Office products, so the resulting maps can be easily be inserted into Word®, PowerPoint®, FrontPage®, or Illustrator® for dynamic presentations, publications and web pages.

Additional Geographic Workbooks can be purchased that provide you with other detailed maps for Mapland: USA County Boundaries, USA County FIPS codes, USA 3 Digit Zip Code Boundaries, USA 5 Digit Zip Code Boundaries, USA City Centroids (pin point locations), USA 5 Digit Zip Code Centroids (pin point locations), Mexico Postal Code Centroids (pin point locations), Mexico City Centroids (pin point locations), Canada City and Postal Code Centroids (pin point locations),MSA Maps, FCC Market Areas and Area Code Boundaries.

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