Benefits of Spreadsheet Mapping


Whenever you need a map, Mapland is ready to use immediately. Mapland is inside your spreadsheet, so it is right where you expect it. The ability to map your data is there when you need it.


Since you're a Microsoft Excel user, Mapland is just what you expect, so it's very comfortable. All of the familiar Microsoft Excel tools work just the same. Making a map is just like making an Excel chart.

Productive and Useful

Mapland is a new product for Microsoft Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002(XP), Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. It's compatible with Microsoft Office. Copy and Paste maps from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word to enhance a report or presentation. Change the way you work.

Quick and Easy

The easiest software to use is the software you already know. Since you already know how to use Microsoft Excel, you already know almost everything you need to know to make a map with Mapland. Making a map only takes a few minutes.

New and Advanced

Mapland adds a new dimension to Microsoft Excel. Now, you can create maps inside your spreadsheet.


Mapland allows you to make presentation quality maps without exporting your spreadsheet data into another stand alone product. Your valuable data is protected and left in its original format inside of Microsoft Excel.


There is a 30-Day money back guarantee on the software. No refund on Shipping/Handling charges.


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