Worldwide Geographic Workbooks

World Maps

With Mapland, you can map every area of the world. Mapland comes with 14 Worldwide Geographic Workbooks that include country boundaries and the location of major cities. Includes an updated World Map and a North America map with Canadian Provinces, USA States, and Mexican States.

The major Geographic Workbooks included in Mapland: USA States, South America, North America(Canadian Provinces, Mexican States and USA States), Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, CIS and the World.

Additional Geographic Workbooks are available for purchase that provide you with other detailed maps for Mapland Basic.

County Boundary Map

3-Digit Zip Code Boundary Map

5-Digit Zip Code Boundary Map

USA 5-Digit Centroids Map

USA City Centroids Map

Mexico Postal Code Centroids Map

Mexico City Centroids Map

MSA Boundaries Map

World Area Code Maps

Automatic Geography Lists

Automatic geography lists

The Geography List button automatically lists the names of every geographic object on a map. It can also list cities within a country.

Either insert your own data in the spreadsheet or import data from other applications into your spreadsheet.

A Variety of Map Types

Variety of map types

With Mapland, you can display your data in many ways. Create Pin Maps, Column Maps, Pie Maps, or Shaded Maps of your data.

The Map Wizard helps you create and edit your map, just like the Chart Wizard helps you create charts.

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