A lot of homeowners and property owners take their trees for granted. They think that tree care is an easy job. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all.  

There is a reason why professional services, such as an arborist, exist. It becomes easy to appreciate the job of an arborist when you know the myths that surround tree care.  

Unluckily, the tree care industry has become prey to these myths due to landscaping companies that provide tree care services. Typically, landscaping companies don’t have the training to competently and safely care for complicated tree issues. That is why poor tree care practices have become a standard in the industry.  

If you don’t want to harm your tree, you should know what and what not to do with it. Here is a couple of tree service Carrollton myths that you should avoid: 

Topping a Tree is Great 

This is perhaps one of the biggest myths in the tree care industry. For those who don’t know, tree topping involves cutting back all the growth of the tree. This process gets rid of most of the food sources of a tree. That is why your tree will not benefit from it. Aside from that, tree topping also opens your tree to decay, insects, and mold.  

The best option you can take is a tree trimming service by a professional tree care company. An arborist knows how to safely prune and trim trees without doing any harm. Aside from that, an arborist can also help fix your tree that has been topped. 

Planting Trees as Deep as You Can 

This is another common myth in the tree care industry. A lot of people believe that they have to plant the tree as deep as possible to help them achieve deep roots. In reality, trees will root as deeply as they have to on their own.  

If you bought a tree from a nursery, you should only plant it as deep as it was in the pot. There is a reason for this. Keep in mind that the bark tissue below and above the ground has a role. If you expose or cover it, you can harm the tree.  

Apply a Lot of Mulch 

We all know that mulch is great for trees. However, you still have to apply it properly. Else, you will harm your tree. There are two major benefits that mulch offers. First, it offers additional nutrients as it breaks down. Second, it helps keep the moisture in the soil stable so the tree can steadily grow. 

If you improperly apply mulch, you can harm your tree. For example, if you apply too much mulch, it can trap moisture and keep the soil wet. This allows mold to grow and compete for the nutrients with the tree. It can also kill the tree’s feeder roots.  

If you apply too much mulch, you can also smother the feeder roots as the mulch breaks down. This can result in a formation of crust that prevents the roots from absorbing the nutrients from the mulch.