Did you accidentally spill ink on your carpet? Are you having a hard time removing it? It can be extremely frustrating to see your beautiful carpet suddenly stained by ink. This is particularly true if you have white or other light-colored carpets. Ink stains are one of the most stubborn stains in the carpet industry.  

So, how can you get rid of it? Well, first of all, you should not scrub or rub it. Doing so will only spread the stain. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Aside from hiring a professional carpet cleaning Carrollton company, here are several tips you can follow: 

Hire a Professional 

It does not have to be hard to determine how to remove ink from the carpet. A carpet cleaning professional has access to high-quality cleaning tools that can get rid of almost any stain. They can lift up stubborn stains and make your carpet look new again.  

Thus, if you’re having a hard time getting rid of ink from your carpet, don’t hesitate to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.  

Remember that there are several things you can do to help the carpet cleaning professionals before they arrive.  

Blot the Stain 

Once you spill ink on the carpet, you should act right away and blot it. This will allow you to soak as much ink as you can. Make sure you use a clean rag or cloth. You might have to use several of them. It’s better if you have highly absorbent blotting paper.  

Also, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have a blotting paper or rag. You can still use paper towels to blot out the ink from the carpet.  

Soak the Stain 

The next thing you have to do is to use a rubbing or denatured alcohol. Pour a small amount of alcohol over the affected area and leave it for a couple of minutes.  

You can also use lacquer-based hairspray if you do not have a rubbing alcohol. You have to be patient during this part. Let the alcohol sit for at least 10 minutes.  

Gently Scrub the Stain 

The next thing you have to do is to scrub the stain. You can utilize a toothbrush or a scrub brush to scrub the ink stain gently from the piles and loops of your carpet. You will probably have to scrub more if your carpet is thick.  

If necessary, you might have to separate the piles of the carpet by hand. Make sure the scrub brush can reach down to the base of your carpet. 

Blot the Stain Again 

For the final step, you will have to blot the stain again using a clean hand towel. First, slightly wet the towel using lukewarm water. Next, blot the damp towel into the affected area. You might have to use several towels for this. Repeat the process until you completely get rid of the stains from your carpet.  

The steps mentioned above are from a process called spot removal. You can successfully remove ink stains from your carpet if you act right away. However, you will need the help of a professional if you allow the stain to set.