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NOTE We will no longer be selling or supporting Mapland after 12/24/2018. We want to thank all our wonderful customers throughout the years!!!

Make fantastic geographic maps of your data by state, country, zip code, county or many other segments using Mapland. Mapland works inside Microsoft Excel® to give you a quick and easy way to make publication quality maps using your data. Maps of the United States, Europe, Asia, the World and many others are included with Mapland Basic - your data will be combined automatically to make fabulous maps of many types.

Since all our maps are objects it's easy to add boundaries, combine boundaries, or delete unwanted boundaries from your maps using Mapland and Excel's editing capabilities. If you know how to use Excel, using Mapland will be second nature to you. Save your maps in your own Excel file which can be viewed by anyone who has Excel.

Mapland Professional has a wide selection of maps to choose from to analyze your data, define territories or to use with presentations.

The following is included on the Mapland Professional CD:

Mapland Basic
USA States
Africa Countries
Area Code Boundary map
Asia Countries
Australia-includes states and city pin point locations
Canada City & Postal Code Centroids (pin point locations)
Canadian Provinces
Central America Countries
CIS Countries (former Soviet Union)
Europe Countries
Mexico States
MSA/CBSA Boundaries
FCC Market Areas
North America including a map of the US, Canada, and Mexico
South America Countries
USA 3-Digit Zip Code Boundaries: individual state maps and a US map
USA 5-Digit Centroids (pin point locations) state maps and a US map
USA 5-Digit Zip Code Boundary maps including individual state maps
USA City Centroids (pin point locations)state maps and a US map
USA County Boundaries: state county maps and a US county map
Mexico City Centroids
Mexico Postal Code Centroids
World Countries
Custom Map Templates

FREE Technical support via email or phone is provided free of charge for Mapland Professional users.

FREE Custom Map Templates. Templates can save you time in creating maps if you often create maps in a particular area. Just let us know what areas you need and will add those templates to Mapland Pro.

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Mapland 10 Professional for Excel 97-2003
Mapland 12 Professional for Excel 2007
Mapland 14 Professional for Excel 2010
Mapland 15 Professional for Excel 2013 and 2016

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